5 Reasons To Take The Artist Development Program

5 Reasons To Take The Artist Development Program

Will Kinsella
August 11, 2020
Whether you are just starting out or in the middle of your music production career, the Artist Development Program will help you push past your limits. It is designed for artists who want to get their music to a world class level, where they feel confident playing their tracks at clubs and festivals or sending their music to the industry’s top DJs and labels. The Artist Development Program is perfect for anyone who shares those goals.

1. Easy to learn Ableton Manual

The intense 6 month master class is in-depth. Every piece of information is valuable and features guidance that you find in the Ableton manual. The course takes you through advanced production techniques; FM, granular, additive synthesis; drum synthesis; drum and percussion production; rhythm programming; advanced sampling, arrangement and post-production.

The Artist Development Program is detail-rich and helps you digest all the information easily. The content is broken down into different sections with a focus on one topic per week. You’ll go through all the features Ableton Live has to offer.

“It’s important to know the science behind what makes things work and why things work the way they do.” - Will Kinsella

2. online Video lectures and increases productivity

The Artist Development Program is an online course with weekly videos that takes you through the process of making a track and demonstrates Ableton features. The videos make it easier to visualise the tips and hear the difference in sound when parameters are changed. You can watch the videos as many times as you like and practice in your own time.

With the Artist Development Program videos, you’ll never have musician writer’s block. Anytime you feel like you have come to a wall during the production process, the course videos will help you get back on track. The videos include a variety of tasks that will keep you busy for months. It also gives you a method to create a track in less than a day. All you need is the right group of sounds and to follow the steps!

3. You’ll have a 4 track EP

The Artist Development Program is not only a learning journey but also a productive one. By the end of the course, students will have a 4 track EP ready to send to labels. The course takes you through the stages of creating a complete piece of music. You will learn how to build your tracks step-by-step by implementing the skills and knowledge you’ve learned from your weekly lectures.

At the end of every week, there is an assignment that ensures that you are doing the work. From drum kicks to melodies and breaks, you’ll create a group of sounds ready to be put together. The course then takes you through the process of arranging the sounds into a solid, club-ready track.

4. Submit your music to the Elevator Program label

The Elevator Program offers graduates of the Artists Development Program the opportunity to release their music on their digital label. Launched in 2020, the Elevator Program label is a platform for underground electronic music artists to be part of a global network.

After creating your 4 track EP, participants can submit their music. The tutors listen and provide constructive feedback to get your music to where it needs to be. Once the creative process is finished from studio to releasing with labels, the Elevator Program helps you through the label release process which can be a tricky one. Is your music is safe? Is the label taking publishing without your knowledge and is your music being licensed without your permission?

Submitting your music to the label provides artists with an outlet for their creativity. The Elevator Program label will be a safe platform to release music to anyone who has completed the Artist Development Program.

5. Created by artists for artists

The Artist Development Program was developed by Berlin-based Techno artist Will Kinsella with over 13 years of research and development. He created it as something he would hand to his younger self. Through it, he is sharing his journey as an artist while also providing a unique insight into his own creative process.

Kinsella first learned his craft working as a Sound Engineer on Neve and SSL Consoles at Temple Lane & Grouse Lodge studios. After Temple Lane he went on to engineer, mix and master for other House and Techno artists, recently working as a Studio Technician and Mixing Engineer for Radio Slave and SRVD (Rekids).

Over the past 10 years, he has worked with artists of all levels, from beginner to advanced. He has lectured and developed learning programs at Dublin Institute of Technology (now Dublin Technical University), the Sound Training Centre and at the SAE Institute in Berlin. It is during this time that the Artist Development program was developed, working with artists to help them reach their creative goals.

For more information on the Artist Development Program, check out the website or contact Elevator Program directly.

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