Will Kinsella
August 11, 2020
Ableton’s Loop Summit was due to take place from April 24-26, but the Ableton team adapted to the current global situation by going digital and hosting Loop At Home. Ableton invited music creators to tune in each morning for an inspiring series of talks, masterclasses and live performances, which were hosted by United We Stream.

They hosted ongoing discussions asking your favourite producers to share their process and swap results. Every evening was closed with performances hosted on United We Stream. Here are the key performances from the weekend:

Sebastian Mullaert

Sebastian Mullaert hosted Friday’s live stream with a demonstration and Q&A session on how he creates the perfect setup for improvisation and flow in his sets.

United We Stream: Heideglühen

United We Stream kicked off the first evening with DJ sets from Heideglühen club in Berlin with ATEQ, Woody, Sevensol and Eli Verveine.

Rachel K Collier

Rachel K Collier wrapped up Saturday with a live stream taking viewers through her performance setup, sharing insights into how she approaches songwriting, and answering questions about her creative process.

United We Stream: Hardwax Berlin

United We Stream hosted a series of DJ sets from Berlin's legendary Hard Wax records in Kreuzberg. The line-up included Arthur, Clara, DJ Pete, Elke, Jesse G, Mark, Mischa.

Katie Gately

Sunday morning’s inspiration was from Katie Gately. In the live stream she demonstrates how she uses field recordings to create distinct soundscapes in her music.

Andrew Huang

YouTube musician and educator Andrew Huang as he takes on the Instruction Music challenge live on stream.

United We Stream: ACUD

Berlin arthouse club ACUD Macht Neu finished up the weekend challenge with a line up curated by the Amplify Berlin Creative Development Program including The Allegorist (live), Diane Barbé, Ionian Death Robes (live), Jessika Khazrik, Khyam Allami (live), Maya Shenfeld (live), Rabih Beaini, Sasha Perera.

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