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Take your skills to the next level with Elevator Program. Created by artists, for artists and built over 15 years of research and development. Learn how to create world class electronic music in Ableton Live. 

  • "The Artist Development Program and Will have taught me early on in my career and helped me lay the foundations to what my sound is today. He is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to music production and has a talent in being able to explain and break things down to even the more novice producer."

    Mark Greene
    Intec Digital / Carl Cox
  • "The blueprint for everything I do has come from Mixing & Mastering. The blueprint for everything I do has come from this course. Understanding the sonic spectrum is crucial to good, clean productions. A no-brainer for any serious producer wanting to take their tracks to the next level." 

    We Are The Brave
  • "How to Make Electronic Music was very helpful in introducing me to the basic functions in creating a track on Ableton. I now know that Ableton is the DAW for me. This crash course was manageable and easy to understand for a complete beginner. I highly recommend this course to anyone taking their first steps in producing electronic music."

    Yasmin Gardezi
    District 8 Dublin
  • "Mixing & Mastering was a really enjoyable course. It was comprehensive and given clearly and concisely. It made me realise how much I was overlooking and not carrying out when producing and doing mix down or how important it is to carry out all those finer steps and too take time when producing and not rush the process."

    Techno/House Music Artist

  • "The Artist Development Program is a really engaging course. There is a mix of reading, video tutorials and assignments. Every bit of information shared by the trainer is valuable. The course has helped me be more confident in understanding Ableton, explore its features, work on sound quality and arrange a Live set from start to finish."

    Olympias Live
    Ableton Live Artist

  • “First time I saw the advert for How to Make Electronic Music I thought, no way I’m signing up after 2 expensive ones in Dublin. They had information & theory but no practical guidelines. In the end, I signed up and it was the best investment in my Ableton development. Arrangement, kicks, tops, bass, melody & fine tuning elements at the end."

    Viktor Marina
    Deep House Dublin

  • "Throughout my time as a lecturer and mentor, I developed an easy to follow system to help people navigate the creative process. By putting a workflow in place, anybody can get results regardless of experience. Anyone with passion, commitment and a willingness to put in the work and time can make music."

    Will Kinsella
    Course Creator / Founder Elevator Program

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Elevator Program is a personal development platform for electronic music artists.  Our program is suitable for artists of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Expand your knowledge of Ableton, fast track your creative process, release your music and find your voice as an artist. 


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why elevator program?

The Elevator Program will empower you to use Ableton Live realising your potential, value, and driving your capacity to be self-led, to make choices independently, and produce confidently.

  • Learn, Create, Master, Repeat
  • Understand the Art of Electronic Music Production
  • Learn how to make club-ready records
  • Learn about setting goals and career planning
  • Master your craft, master Ableton Live
  • Learn from experienced artists, engineers, and producers
  • Find your unique voice as an artist
  • Join our community and get your music released
  • Learn about the industry, how it works, and how to navigate it.


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Graduates of our ARTIST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM are eligible to submit music to our label. We listen to and provide feedback on all label submissions. Our goal is to nurture a global network of underground Techno, House, Minimal artists and to provide a safe and professional platform for their creativity.